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Add an App

What is an app?

An app represents your application where users logs in.

For simplicity, let's create a server-side web app.


Crossid supports various app types such as single page applications (SPA), mobile and APIs. for more info see application.

Start from a sample

To speed things up, let's start from a sample with a framework of your choice.

Node.js Expresssee walk through

Each sample has a file with instructions how to set up the sample.


For more in-depth guides per language, check languages.

Tell Crossid about your app

Once the app is running we should tell Crossid about it.

  1. In Admin console, navigate to Integration โ†’ Marketplace.
  2. Choose Web Application.
  3. Click on Add Integration.
  4. Follow wizard steps.

Crossid will give you back client id and client secret needed for our app.

Update your app

Every time a user tries to login, the app should redirect to Crossid and provide the client id.

Follow the of the sample project how to set the client_id and optionally the client_secret in your app.