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Golang code samples for Crossid

This repo demonstrates how to integrate Golang with Crossid.


  1. Tell Crossid about your app.
  2. Setup HTTPS (see below)

App params example:

"client_name": "foo",
"client_secret": "foobar",
"client_id": "myapp",
"redirect_uris": ["https://localhost/callback"],
"audience": ["https://localhost"]


To avoid security issues, this sample is expected to be exposed with HTTPS.

Lets use Caddy to route traffic from port 443 to 3000.

caddy reverse-proxy --from localhost:443 --to localhost:3000

Run the app

git clone
cd samples-golang

# Replace <TENANT> with your crossid tenant
go run . --issuerBaseURL=https://<TENANT> --port 3005 --client-id myapp --client-secret foobar --audience https://localhost

Browser should be opened automatically.

New to Crossid? check out the get started guide